Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poisoning Is Personal

I'm a veteran when it comes to food poisoning. Almost everything has gotten me: salmonella, random little buggies from stuff left in the fridge too long, and all the bad things lurking in ill-kept buffets.

The other night, I go food poisoned by something. I don't know what specifically was the culprit and want to keep it that way. Meatloaf and fried oysters are delicious. I don't want my body to recoil at the thought of them. So now I focus my revulsion at the restaurant itself.

Your body tries to figure out what is attacking it and decides not to eat that again. The thought of no longer being able to eat a beloved dish terrifies me. In order to combat this, I always pick the dish or ingredient I like the least. Something must be sacrificed. this usually works out, but I often have to create some fairly crazy rationalizations for why the sink tried to kill me.

One thing that always catches me by surprise when poisoned is my compliance with fasting for a day. I have absolutely no appetite. Only then do I realize that my appetite rules every part of my day and my thought process. I feel lost without it and become one of those people who forget to eat. What a nightmare.

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