Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desk Eaters

What is the point of leaving work to pick up food and eat it back at your desk? It still takes the same amount of time to eat, regardless of location. Meals deserve more attention than inhaling it while staring at a screen.

(I'm annoyed at coworkers who must always bring food back.)


Ryan said...

Hey James, this is Ryan in San Antonio (Lauara and Audrey's friend from Vanderbilt). Been meaning to post on here for sometime, so here you go.

I understand where you are coming from, but I am also guilty in some respects. 99% of the time, if I am eating and in front of my computer, it is for personal interest/enjoyment (reading food blogs most likely). Rarely, do I eat lunch and work, in fact, not being able to enjoy my repast is one of the most depressing thoughts to me. Sadly, I have a group of coworkers with whom I usually eat lunch with who all they want to do is eat lunch and watch reruns of TV shows on Hulu or the like. If I work all day in front of a computer, I don't want to spend one of my favorite parts of the day mindlessly looking at a screen watching crappy TV shows. Sadly, my total absorption into food blogs and mindful attentive eating has shown just how little most people care about or enjoy eating, which is amazing considering it is something we all share in multiple times a day. Please, keep fighting the good fight and promote eating for eating sake.

coffee and queso said...

Guilty! Well, if I leave the office for food I usually eat out.

However, when I brown-bag it, I'm usually eating whilst working. A few reasons for this: (1) I'm not that close to many at work, and no one on my team takes lunch breaks. (2) If I eat while working, I feel at liberty to leave 30-60 minutes earlier. Bonus! (3) I often have meetings scheduled during lunch.

Oh, boy. It is pretty sad: When I started here, I never thought I'd skip midday breaks like this! Don't let THIS happen to you. In the meantime, I'm working on these sad corporate habits.

Carolyn said...

Jimmer, don't be so callous. I rarely take proper lunch breaks. Usually its soup and Sun Chips from Jester City Limits or sammich from home, and ALWAYS at my desk. I eat breakfast and lunch here.

And you're right, proper meals do deserve more attention than being inhaled but the truth is that not every meal is a celebration, sometimes it is just sustenance.

SerĂ¡ said...

A. What are you doing posting at work?
B. I am one of your annoying co-workers that (very seldomly) eats at her desk.
C. Why you hatin?

amye said...

Yes, James! I think most meals deserve your full attention. Meals need to be seen and heard as well as tasted, and how can you do this if you're reading while you're eating?! I'm not saying you can only engage in eating with meals; they are social processes, too. Of course you don't always have the time to give meals the attention they demand to fully appreciate the food, but ideally every meal would be with good company or by yourself, not with a newspaper or TV.