Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chili fallout

I've been eating chili for the past week. This is a bad idea (a) for obvious reasons, and (b) it tastes so good that I can't stop eating it. Every meal ends in a food coma. It doesn't help that I add Fritos, rice, onion, beans, and cheese to my chili. That's how a whole pot has lasted for longer than a week. Today might see me set free from Chili. Split pea soup might be a good idea at this point, especially if I put cream in it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chili Breeze

Today is even colder than yesterday. I played my meatball hand too soon. Time to up the ante. Doughy chicken and dumplings? Steaming Frito pie? Or hearty Chili?

Chili will most likely win, I just need to figure out where to get it. Homemade or restaurant? There aren't many places in town to get chili that I know of. Chili can be a sensitive subject in Texas: Beans, No Beans, Crackers, Rice, Fritos. Strong opinions abound. I personally like my chili with beans, cheese, rice, onions, and Fritos. That meat will go as far as possible--if there were only places that had my combo.

The Texas Chili Parlor is the only place that comes to mind, but after an unfortunate evening involving mediocre chili and getting attitude for requesting a Lone Star--it is the TEXAS chili parlor, after all--I refuse to return. Who needs chartreuse with their chili, anyways? I prefer a tall glass of milk.

It's sad that there aren't more chili options in town. You would expect there to be chili carts on the street. This is Texas.

I'll have to settle for homemade to get my Frito-bean-rice-cheese-and-onion chili. Maybe I'll open up a cart.

* Photo by Stephanie Gamble

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Has autumn finally arrived in Austin, Texas? Everyone is pulling out their scarves and hats, excited about the first time this year to wear them. I forgot mine at home, along with the piece I had written for today. That's OK, because I am focused on the weather here and what it makes me crave. Today, more than any day in the past few months, makes me crave chili, a meatball sub, German food, and beans. So many beans.

Hopefully this isn't just a Texas tease and autumn has really begun. For good measure, I'm getting a meatball sub for lunch. It's time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I keep in my room:

I'm particular about my kitchen. All the knives, pots, whisks, and other utensils all have a home and manner in which they are to be treated. Anal retentive? Absolutely. But my equipment stays pristine and fit for use. That was until recently when I acquired a roommate who doesn't share my attention for detail, which is probably for the best: I don't think I could stand someone just like myself.

A few problems have arisen recently when I noticed how he treats his knives (in the sink with other dishes and flatware) and that my silicone spatula had gone missing. I couldn't stand to see my Shun knife dirty, wet, and cast amongst other hard objects. My solution was to keep it in my room, an act I thought immature until I told a friend. He said, "Unless you are sleeping and living with someone, you should never trust your knives with anyone." Words of wisdom? I believe so. At least they make me feel that I'm not alone in my obsessiveness.