Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I keep in my room:

I'm particular about my kitchen. All the knives, pots, whisks, and other utensils all have a home and manner in which they are to be treated. Anal retentive? Absolutely. But my equipment stays pristine and fit for use. That was until recently when I acquired a roommate who doesn't share my attention for detail, which is probably for the best: I don't think I could stand someone just like myself.

A few problems have arisen recently when I noticed how he treats his knives (in the sink with other dishes and flatware) and that my silicone spatula had gone missing. I couldn't stand to see my Shun knife dirty, wet, and cast amongst other hard objects. My solution was to keep it in my room, an act I thought immature until I told a friend. He said, "Unless you are sleeping and living with someone, you should never trust your knives with anyone." Words of wisdom? I believe so. At least they make me feel that I'm not alone in my obsessiveness.


nhallfreelance said...

The mere thought of that beautiful steel being cast thoughtlessly alongside forks and other sundries, in a steel basin, no less, makes me cringe visibly. Clearly, you have no other choice than to render your cutlery inaccessible. It's a shame, that, becuase that knife is such a stunner. Sad to have to keep it out of view.

Seamus said...

Who said that?