Monday, April 6, 2009

Long Live Leftovers

Don't you hate when perfectly good food rots in your fridge? In my kitchen, this happens all of the time. No matter how hard I try to eat everything, veggies get slimy, fruits get fuzzy, and cottage cheese morphs into another type of cheese, which is why I'm elated each time I figure out a way to simultaneously rid myself of more than one item.

Having a CSA box arrive every two weeks creates a lot of these situations. In addition to the foods that satisfy my capricious cravings, there's always a box of delicate perishables speeding towards death. In order to save my veggies from the compost, I am forced to get creative, and sometimes it takes a lot of creativity to reach the obvious solution: BBQ and greens.

You might be asking yourself if there's anything with which BBQ doesn't go. There isn't. And I proclaim myself a genius every time I add it to a dish, but I'm simply following that natural order of things: BBQ is awesome. Add it to something and you get awesome. I now realize that I'm not a culinary genius, but rather, a simpleton who took too long to reach the obvious conclusion.


coffee and queso said...

Pretty photo! Kind of makes me want barbecue... and I don't really like barbecue all that much.

nhallfreelance said...

C&C, I think we're all surprised that such a heretical statement didn't get you permanently banned from this blog. James, have you let your standards slip so?

James Francis said...

Coffee and Queso is pretty solid, even if she doesn't like BBQ.

Seattle DUI attorney said...

Mmmmm, delicious. Coffee and Queso? Haha, two tasty things, maybe not together. That could me the tummy rumble.